Monday, April 09, 2012


March March.

March was busy this year celebrating my birthday among a million other birthdays. Oh yeah, and my sister got married. More about that later.

My birthday was on Saturday this year, which is exceptional because that meant I got to celebrate all. weekend. long. Yeah, I did.

Friday I made the Oldroyd sisters make me something that looked a lot like this:
We ate our ham and Havarti cheese crepes with grapes and raspberries and the dulcet tones of Edith Piaf. We were in a faux-French patisserie talking about faux-French things - like "nom de plume", and Quebecois, and...snobbery. And I desperately wanted to be in France. But not as much as I wanted to be with them. In France.  

Saturday I went afternoon skiing in Park City. Initially, Gretch and I were disappointed by the fact that every run we wanted to try was closed. It turns out that Park City Resort only leaves two runs open for night skiing. Literally, two. And one of those is a terrain park...what the heck? No matter. It was my birthday! 
Gretch and I napped on the chair lift and I tried my hand at sliding on "boxes" and "table tops". Yeah, what up? Tricks in the spring powdy pow moo cow pow! Ok, so maybe it wasn't powder but it was awesome spring corn. Yes, corn. Corn snow. It's a real thing. I worked at Alta for two months, I know these things.

Yaaaaawn. ZZZzzzzzzzzzz.
Aaaanyway, all of my best trick skier efforts resulted in the saaaaaame thing:
Guess I won't be drastically switching careers (again). 

My birthday day ended with a two-hour hot tub nightcap (much needed) replete with philosophical discussion. :sigh: My favorite.

Finally, on Sunday, I got together with some friends and gorged myself on this:

My parents celebrated by putting my house on the market. Yes, my house. The one they own. Thanks, guys...! It's actually been really disruptive. I have to make my bed every morning...put the dishes in the dishwasher...avoid putting clothes on the floor...what am I, 17 again? (Wa ah ah...) PLUS I have to make myself scarce every time there's a showing. Grrr. Oh well, guess I'll just have to start planning the 3-week vacation they can take me on once the house is sold. How do you feel about Spain/Morocco? Israel/Egypt/Jordan? Mmm...Thailand/Cambodia??