Sunday, August 28, 2011

Start Wearing Purple.

My family has a theme song. Is that weird? I don't care. It's the truth. It's called "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello.

It's a quirky song that my sister, Kathryn, found and shared with me years ago. Soon our sister was on board and then my parents were converted. After that it was official. My mom even had it as her ringtone for awhile. I don't know exactly why we love it. Maybe because it's a little bizarre. Fun bizarre. Like the movie Strictly Ballroom. "You stupid stupid man."

So when Kathryn got married this summer and chose different shades of purple as her wedding colors, my dad and I thought it would be a great joke to play this song at her reception.

By the time we turned it on most of the guests had cleared out and extended family was sitting around chatting. I walked over to Kathryn to get her attention and what transpired next was simply marvelous. We all started singing and then almost simultaneously, my parents began mimicking the Greek handkerchief dance...
My adopted brother, Sergei, did a little Russian dance...
And John, the ever-attention-seeking brother, walked into the middle of the room, dramatically doffed his suit coat, clapped his hands with a flourish, and then held up his coat like a cape for Kathryn to charge. Which she promptly did.
It was one of those moments for which you want to clap. And then instantly watch the replay. I just stood there laughing and yelling, "OPA!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Do I have to...?

School starts tomorrow. 
There's a part of me that wants to skip. Which wouldn't be that difficult since I don't know where my classes are yet. Can't get myself to print off my schedule. I didn't even know when school started until last week. Couldn't be bothered to look. Or rather, I refused to accept the fact that summer was coming to a close for me. And now it's essentially over.

The end-of-the-summer blog post generally consists of a frenzied array of pictures. A frenetic photo update. This time is no different. Here's what I've been up to recently:

I went sailing/swimming in the Great Salt Lake. At sunset.
I went climbing on the side of a waterfall (!!). It was FREEZING but it was awesome.
I saw a moose! First time ever.
I went to Island Park again. A little water skiing, a little tubing, a little dance party in the boat, and a loooooot of relaxing. :sigh:
I hiked up a mountain called The Pfeifferhorn. It's an 8 hour hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Und eets sehr shteep, ja.
 I went with my boss. Weird? Maybe.
Kristin came into town and brought baby Nora. Nora didn't like me very much. Well, she did...just from afar.

And now? No more fun. Just books and books and headaches and tests and homework and books. One more year, folks.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Northern Michigan.

After the reception downstate, the family returned home and I had a day to recover before I had a friend come into town. This is a rare event for me as people don't often care to visit my hometown -- maybe because it's in the middle of nowhere, or because they know that Lake Superior is really too cold to ski on, or maybe it's because they hate having fun in beautiful places. I really don't is possible that I never really invite anyone...keeping it quaint, you know. Regardless of what category you fit in, you should read Smithsonian Magazine's article on the area. Maybe you'll be surprised. As we were when we figured out that the main picture is of my little brother.

So, sidetrack over, my friend arrived and we enjoyed ourselves by hiking small mountains, taking ridiculous pictures, cliff jumping, hanging out at the beach, biking along the lake shore, watching the sun set (twice), walking along the breakwall to the lighthouse, picking strawberries, going to Harry Potter at midnight, playing games with my family, eating local fare, and just plain having a better time than anyone who's never been.
A little thing Midwesterners call "the woods."
This is my friend. She's having fun. Her feet are not freezing.
Unfortunately, I left the fruits of our labors (get it...get it?!? :wink: :wink: :nudge: :nudge:) at home.
Who wants to come here now?

Monday, August 01, 2011


Whew! This month has been full, full, full! I will start at the beginning. Well, I'll start with week one.

July 2 my friend got married and I bought a really tight dress to wear for the wedding. Unfortunately, she's from central Utah so my only options were her 3rd cousins and they all came to the reception in Wranglers. Not that there's a problem with that, just that...there's a problem with that.
Nevertheless, it was a good time. Mostly I was glad her photographer captured the important people at the wedding. Me.

Then I went to our cabin in southern Wisconsin for some reading and respite. We played pool, we sailed, we swam, we watched fireworks, we caught fireflies -- :sigh: there were so many fireflies.
We looooove us some fireworks.
It turns out if you try to sail in the middle of a storm you end up soaking wet and muddy, having lost your flip flops and dropping your phone in the water. Good thing none of those happened to me. Next time, guys, next time.
Oh yeah, we also played Try-to-drop-popcorn-in-Laura's-mouth-and-if-you-miss-repeatedly-well-it's-no-big-deal. A real good time...

By July 7th we were off to Chicago where my mom and I were sealed for time and all...
Wait...nope...nevermind, hehe...that's right, my sister got married.
Relaxation over. Time to take a million jillion pictures in the sweltering hot and humid midwest sun.
Pictures pictures pictures picturespicturespicturespictures.

NOT such a good time.

After Chicago, we drove to the home of Michigan State where Kathryn had her first reception. Yes, yes, I said first. The second one (at home) was actually fun. This one was, ahem, well :cough-lame:. So my siblings and I played card games at our table. I ate 'til I looked pregnant then tried to dance it off. We last-minute decorated my sister's car...with empty water bottles and toilet paper...and...that was that.

And this is it for now. Just letting you know Bloggerismifica is stiiiiiiill kickin'. I'll fill you in on the rest when I'm not tired and hungry and you're not tired of looking at pictures of me.