Sunday, July 12, 2015

Doctor. Doctor. Doctor.

I've decided to try to start writing again. We'll see how long this lasts. For now, I'm picking up a story I started several years ago and never finished:

There are several beginnings to this story. One might say that the very beginning began several years ago...but I'll get to that later. For now, let us start by saying that I was late getting on the plane.

I was headed back to Utah after my sister's wedding [waaay back in 2011] and I got distracted talking to a friend. By the time we checked in, someone was sitting in my seat. So I took the next available one. Right by a guy my age. Short blond hair. Blue eyes. A guy who eventually struck up a conversation. He was about to start a med school rotation in my hometown and was returning home to Utah to visit his family. I was reading The Brothers Karamazov.

We chat mc-chit-chatted and, deciding to give love a chance, I bewitched him into asking for my phone number.

...this is not going where you think it's going. I promise.

We went out during the few weeks he had left in Utah. He took me to Donut Falls and the Parade of Homes. (Hmm...maybe we went out twice?) At some point in time he put on "Nature" music. You know, the kind you find at those plastic listening booths at Shopko where none of the buttons work and the only titles you get to choose from are "Blue: A Musical Treatise on Ocean Waves" or "Rain Forest: A Journey" or "Celtic." He said it's his favorite kind of music. He puts it on when he's trying to relax and fall asleep. I don't understand, what are you trying to say? Do you want me to fall asleep on this date? ARE YOU TRYING TO STEAL MY VIRTUE? a woman you have to be wary of these things.
He didn't. I don't remember anything else notable about this date(s) except we saw a moose! And the UP house. And I didn't fall in love.
Then he moved to Michigan where he met my family and hung out with my baby brother, James.

Now we get to the other beginning. For as long as I can remember, baby James has only ever had one love. Her name is Brittany. Wait, Brittony. The fact that she went to school at BYU-Idaho may have influenced the fact that he went to school at BYU-Idaho. And for as long as James has been pining after her, she has been totally indifferent to him. That fateful summer of 2011, they were both home from school. Scott met Brittony. Brittony met Scott. And while James was doing this in a place no one's ever heard of:
Scott and Brittony totally got married. There's probably an 8 year gap between them. Which means that even if I had really been into nature music it never would have worked out between us. They just had a baby. Babies making babies. Older guys marrying babies who later have babies. Guys, it happens.

In summary, I randomly met Scott on a plane and he randomly got my number and then he randomly moved to my home town where he probably not so randomly stole the only girl my brother has ever wanted. Who ever thought that would be a life experience I would share with little bro?

It's ok, James, you're in Provo now where all our home-spun young single adult dreams come true.

...or not, in the case of my sister and I, but maybe you'll be the one! Or maybe you'll move to Arizona where you'll meet your own wildland firefighter like she did. Oh man, I REALLY REALLY hope that's what happens now.