Monday, May 21, 2012

The abyss.

Guess what I been up to!

I graduated from college! Again. Hurrah! Hurrah! With 3 stars by my name. And an orange tassel. For engineering. Bam! 2012.

Don't you wish numbers could be capitalized sometimes?

I decided not to walk this time around. Perhaps because the University of Utah wasn't going to give me a huge, gold Christmas tree topping medal like BYU did. 

Or maybe because my family wasn't going to be here. So instead I donned as much cougar blue as I could and headed to the Huntsman Center to congratulate my fellow students.
And get a picture taken with someone else's cap.

Before that, though, right in the middle of finals I went to Newport Beach with 11 other girls.
We rented a beach house, we bladed on the boardwalk, we played paddle ball, but mostly we just lounged in our suits in the sun. Or the case might be...
This last semester was like my senior year in high school. Class? Homework? Bah, no problem! At least, that's what it was like when I wasn't trying to finish my Frankenstein monster Senior Design project. When my team wasn't using it to drill for oil or as a meat grinder, we tried to heat the system to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in order to charge it so we could discharge it later to cool a refrigerator. It...didn't work. Whatever. 3.99 GPA maintained.
So I headed into May wrapping up life as I knew it. I had a plan which was beginning its termination sequence and I was about to be jettisoned into the great black unknown. Again. No job prospects. No alternate housing lined up. After spending 4 years on a mechanical engineering degree, I was making jokes about becoming homeless and unemployed...then I finally asked my boss if I could extend my internship through the summer and he immediately consented. Heheh...that was easy. 

Since then I've had a couple job interviews and figured out that I can live with my cousin if I need to. Which is great because the other housing offer I've had is to move into someone's garage. During a season with record high temperatures. I accept if you and your husband don't mind if I never wear clothes ever. And I actually live in your house.

Anyway, abyss averted!