Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The job hunt.

Once upon a time I graduated with a degree in Archaeology. Remember, think Tutankhamun, Teotihuacan, and the Terracotta Warriors. Not Sue and Stegosaurus. Indiana Jones. Not Jurassic Park. Harry Potter. Not Twilight.

Never Twilight.
As you know, I got bored with that life. I wanted to be more than just a normal girl with a knack for the trowel and a passion for history. I wanted to do something hard. I wanted to change the world. Now people just think I'm a mechanic. Whatever. Next time I'll be sure to pick a more straightforward major...

As you also know, I was not the most sought after mechanical engineering graduate as I had humbly and not-so-secretly hoped. Well, there was that job I was offered in Rockford, IL after only a 30 minute phone interview but people shoot people over there so I politely declined. I'd rather not live somewhere that made Forbes' top 10 for "Most Dangerous Cities in America," thank you very much.

I extended my internship for 6 months past graduation hoping I would be able to find a more suitable location to serve out the rest of my singletude. You know, somewhere with killer alligators, venomous snakes, and giant mosquitos perhaps.

I flew down to Jacksonville, FL in May to interview for a position with a company called Biomet Microfixation. They make fixation plates for the sternum and cranium. They don't make cars. The full day of interviews went well and we decided to revisit the job opening in September when my internship ended. I spent the rest of my time there visiting St. Augustine and hunting alligators.
Summer came and went and I didn't have anymore job opportunities until August when I interviewed with Northrop Grumman located here in Salt Lake. They are a defense contractor specializing in unmanned aircraft, targeting, and navigation systems. They don't make cars either. They actually offered me a job too...but I was (and told them I was) doing this:
 and this:
 and this:
I couldn't be bothered by mundane details about jobs while touring Costa Rica with my family, are you kidding me? I also thought I had time. So imagine my surprise when I returned home and found out Northrop didn't think I was interested and had moved on to other candidates. Please, what other candidates??

And the truth is I wasn't interested BUT I was feeling obligated to take the job because, contrary to a long held hope, Varian (my internship employer) wasn't able to offer me a full time job and Biomet was putting their position on hold until January. Great.

And, well, you know the rest.

Until now.

A couple weeks ago, Biomet contacted me to say that the position I interviewed for in May is now available for December and wondered if I was still interested. I said yes. Now they're flying me down there again for another full day of interviews. I leave tomorrow. Which begs the question, did I not leave a lasting impression with them last time? ...doubt it. I'm hoping the interviews will just be a lot of reminiscing about the great answers I gave them before. "Remember when you asked me about my experience with validation and I told you about that one project which involved replacing accumulator quick disconnects? Gosh, that was fun, wasn't it?" To which they'll reply, "This is silly. You're hired."

Then I'll have to tell them how, at the end of last week, Varian called me up to say they also have a position for me. Of course they do. I went in, tossed around a few casual jokes with the General Manager and Product Line Manager, and then they asked me, "Soooo, do you want to do this?" "Sure! Wait...what...?" Point is, I think I have a job there if I want it. We're all just waiting to see what Biomet says. Oh Fridee, so much depends on thee.


I feel sick.

But wait! There's more! Northrop Grumman ALSO called me this week. "Laura, we think we may have a position you might be interested in. Call us back." Northrop, dear sweet inflexible Northrop. You see, the thing is, I didn't think you were I moved on.

Rockford, just in case you feel inclined to contact me again too, the answer is still no.