Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jumping the good ship "Zion."

Without going into too many riveting details I feel it is time to inform the world that I have been looking for a new job. When one goes to work and seriously thinks about quitting more than once a week…it’s just that time.

So, I booked a trip to Greece for the middle of May knowing that I didn’t have enough vacation time. Originally the plan was to save time and go in the fall. Plans change. Lives change. I booked the trip because a) it would force me to leave my job and avoid becoming one of those weird old ladies who’ve been in church employment for over 40 years, b) I secretly hoped I could wrangle some unpaid time off and job hunt at my leisure, and c) I’m not crazy.

In job interviews I say that I’m leaving because it’s a good time—and it is—but mostly I just hate my job. I’ve hated it since the day I was interviewed by my prospective supervisor and she didn’t smile…not once. Granted, I was wearing a shirt with a skull and crossbones print—a pattern not generally smiled upon at the Church Office Building—but I found it slightly amusing. Now I find it ironically prophetic. (For the record, I don't hate everything about my job...the parking privileges are really nice.)

Yesterday I found out officially that I would be unable to get unpaid time off. In which case, as of May 16th I will be out of a job...

I'm really not that concerned. Nobody refuses an archaeology graduate.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Realizing dreams and making memories...sort of.

It is my birthday soon--I will be 25. As a result, everyone tells me how much they enjoyed being that age. Well, quite frankly, 24 will be hard to beat--in fact, it was golden.

I don't really wish to go through the whole year in review to give you an idea of how awesome it was. If you'd like to you can do that on your own time--on this blog--one of the many great features that resulted from this last year. Instead, I shall share a brief story. One that illustrates the new level of abundant living I have achieved.

For some time now I've longed to go snowshoeing under a full moon. Due to unforeseen circumstances, such as unreliable friends and new moons that replace full moons, I had yet to realize this unfulfilled dream. A dream that I had held since I moved here 2 1/2 years ago. Such were my thoughts as I lay in bed on a weekend in February, preparing to take a nap while most of my friends were out on dates. So when my friend, Katherine, called wondering what I was doing I suggested that we go snowshoeing. She heartily agreed. We tried to invite boys. We failed. We brought hot chocolate instead.
As we wound up the canyon I admitted that I had always pictured this occasion with a boy...or a large group of strictly platonic friends...but I was still excited. She told me that her mom always instructed her to get out and "make some memories." We agreed that this was the stuff memories were made of. When I stepped out of the car and breathed in the chilly mountain air I sighed happily as I walked to the trailhead--just to scope it out. Katherine stated that we might not even need snowshoes. I ignored her out of principle--that is, until I saw the trail. It was solidly packed... I glanced up at the sky. It was completely covered by clouds...

Fate had found me again.

It didn't matter, though, there were bigger things at work here. We strapped on our backpacks, turned on our headlamps, and conquered that mountain. Ok--so maybe we hiked for 45 minutes, did somersaults and cartwheels in the snow, and drank hot chocolate. Golden.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daylight Savings Timewarp

Daylight Savings Time--or "DST" as some people fondly refer to it--is not my friend...and I'm beginning to wonder if it ever really was.

I naively thought, as I went to bed at "2:00" Saturday night, that I would be fine. I had church at 1:00 and there was nothing to worry about. I slept in an hour and put DST behind me...or so I thought. I was totally unprepared for the ole' "day after" trick.

Sunday and Monday night I went to bed neither late nor early, yet I managed to sleep in both mornings and arrive 15 minutes late for work. It wasn't until Wednesday morning that I came to realize there was a tangible force working against me. That morning, when my alarm went off at 6:30, I thought, Oh good! I woke up on time! One second later it was 7:30 and I had 15 minutes to get to work. I had entered the Daylight Savings Timewarp.
Naturally, to counteract this phenomenon, I abandoned rational thought and did the last thing I should have done in this situation--I stayed up late and watched a creepy movie. Everytime I closed my eyes scenes from the movie popped into my head--not the most ideal circumstances when trying to fall asleep--but guess what. A miracle happened.

The next morning I woke up the minute before my alarm went off...and got up. This wasn't the end, though--I had not quite escaped the grasping reach of the insidious timewarp. I distinctly remember looking at the clock in my bathroom around 7:00. I immediately walked into my bedroom where the digital readout flashed 7:10. What? Time was speeding up in an effort to ruin my prosperous career at the Church Archives. Nevertheless, I refused to be thwarted. I hurried out the door and arrived at work without a moment to spare.

It was a long, hard, and bitter fight but as of this morning I have finally cast off the tyrannical shackles of Daylight Savings Time. I wish I could say we would never meet again but instead I must say, until next time you fiend...until next time...