Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting older.

I find it difficult to keep track of the passage of time. Sure I'm getting older, yes things are happening, but time is like this amorphous enigma housed in an illusory-scented intangible. It's true, I can no longer put my socks on the way I used to -- I can't bend that much anymore. Pretty soon I'll have to heave myself out of chairs and fall slowly into them. Other than that, though, not much has changed. I don't really look different (I don't, ok?) and every year kind of seems the same...just like my bedroom, which hasn't changed since I moved in as a fresh college grad. Spiderman poster and all.

This isn't generally an issue, except when I need to confirm that I am, in fact, myself and not a better looking impostor. One day I called the IRS for information on my taxes, and they asked me where I worked in 2008. Um...I'm sorry, when? I couldn't think of any we accidentally got cut off...oops. Bye!

The solution?


People need to have more babies. They're like living clocks. My trip to Greece was pretty epic but it's not continually getting older before my eyes so I have no idea how long ago it was. I find myself looking at my friends who are having babies and second babies and thinking, "Wow, it's really been a year?" Or 2 or 18. It's a great measuring tool!

My little brother is graduating from high school this summer. This is a picture from when he was born:
We were all really excited...

Yes, I'm the one on the right. Kathryn, the sibling next to me, is the one getting married. Crrrrrazy. Off to college, Jamesy. Off to woo girls. Off to conquer the world.
And now, I have my own little drooling timepiece. Well...kind of. On September 2 I became a god-aunt. I don't care what her parents say, she's even named after me.

Meet Nora Jane Alene:
That was at about 2 1/2 months. Here she is at 7:
Babies, babies, babies! you can consider this an official blog.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Everything is about to change.

The end of an era has come. In 4 months time my family, as I know it, will be gone -- changed forever by the face of one who doesn't yet belong.

My sister is engaged.
I am the second oldest of 8 unmarried kids and have often wondered how a newcomer would change our family dynamics. Naturally, I'm skeptical...and maybe a little protective of this family I adore so much. I'm trying to be open and supportive, but mostly I feel like this:

You can't have her.

Yes, yes, I am happy for her. Of course I am. Theoretically I can't wait until we're all married. In practice, however, I don't like the idea of having to share her with anyone else's family. Not at all. Call me selfish but bears eat beets. It's the truth.

Admittedly, it's also a little strange to think that my 19-year-old sister knows more about love and successful relationships than I, in my recently budding 28-year-old-ness, have had the opportunity to learn. But don't think that I'm struggling with some ummarried-older-sister complex. Or an overuse-of-hyphens complex. I always knew it would happen this way.

So three cheers for Kathryn! Three cheers for officially becoming an aunt someday! (I'm getting tired of scavenging other people's children, you see.) Three cheers for another James in the family! (I will really need to figure out how to pluralize that name... Your James or our James? Both James'sss''ss's's'sss's.) And...three cheers for me! (This blog isn't about anyone else, after all.)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Update, update.

This is what I used to do:
"Meet an Inventor" event. (Check out the second video.)

NOW, I work for these people:
Exciting, right? I got a summer internship with Varian Medical Systems here in town. They make X-ray tubes. I don't really know what that means or what I will be doing but it's SCIENCE! I mean, engineering, but whatever.

I start on Tuesday. If it's anything like my old jobs I'll have to do really tedious work for a supervisor that hates me. Cross your fingers!